Opening hours of the shop & studio in March and April

Come by and discover the magic of embroidery in the store in Peizegem, a sub-municipality of Merchtem.

📍 Address: Nieuwbaan 81, 1785 Peizegem (sub-municipality of Merchtem)

I am ready to help you discover the perfect personalized gift or create your own unique embroidery project.

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Gift with name, personalized gift.

Are you looking for a nice, unique and special gift? has a range of gifts with embroidered items & unique embroidered creations for young and old . A small selection from my collection: cuddly toys with names, embroidered baby blankets, mom sweaters, teddy backpacks, backpacks, everything from Jollein and BIBS and many more products designed in my own studio/shop in Merchtem/Peizegem.

Personalized cuddle cloth from Jollein with an embroidered name.

hydrophilic cloth - cuddle cloth - tut holder - personalized with name - embroidered with name - buggenhout - Peizegem - Puurs - Londerzeel - Merchtem - embroidery

Embroidered maternity gift with name.

If you are looking for the ideal maternity gift, choose an embroidered item, from baby blanket to teddy backpack, all items in the webshop can be embroidered. Choose warm, soft and nice to look at. In terms of color, it is best to choose warm, soft colors. Especially if you want the baby to relax. Brighter colors are fun for playtime.

Personalized sports bag or guest bag with an embroidered name.

guest bag - sports bag - weekend bag - personalized with name - embroidered with name - embroidery - Peizegem - Merchtem - Puurs - Londerzeel - Buggenhout - Caro b Handmade

A maternity gift with products that are useful for care is always useful. If you have the baby's name embroidered on it, you will receive a very personal gift that will be used often.

FAQ - frequently asked questions at Caro B Handmade:

1. What are the delivery times for personalized embroidered items?

Personalized items have an average processing time of 5 days if the item is in stock. If the item is not available in the store, delivery time may take up to 10 working days. In that case you will be informed by email. Handmade items, such as baby blankets, banynets or playsuits, have a processing time of 4-6 weeks, because they are made entirely by hand in my studio in Merchtem.

2. Do you also offer gift packaging for the embroidered maternity gifts?

Absolute! In the webshop you can select different options for the packaging, and you can also add a personal card to your order. Let me know what you would like written on the card and I will make sure it is included with your gift.

3. Can I have my own design embroidered on an item that I bring to the store?

Sure! Items that do not come from the webshop or store can also be embroidered. Feel free to bring your own design, and I'll be happy to help you bring it to life with embroidery.

4. What makes Caro B Handmade embroidered gifts unique and different from other personalized gift options?

The embroidered gifts from Caro B Handmade are distinguished by their unique personalization options and high-quality finish. Customers have the option to order personalized items without having to choose from a standard list of names. This gives an extra personal touch to the gifts. In addition, all items are embroidered with care and craftsmanship, making them not only functional, but also a lasting memory.

baby webshop - handmade baby blankets - HIB label - Unizo - Physical store in Merchtem/Peizegem - Baby blanket - birth blankets - bath poncho - guest bags - mama bag - Caro B Handmade - mom bag - shopper - embroidery with name

The nicest embroidered gifts at Caro B Handmade.

At Caro B Handmade you can order the nicest personalized gifts, such as baby blankets, baby clothes, mom sweaters, mom bags, cuddly blankets and much more. And best of all, you don't have to choose from a list of default names.

Would you like to gain Caro B Handmade inspiration? Then take a look at my social media. Every day I post ideas and examples of orders or customers to inspire you. Follow me on Instagram for all embroidered stories and handmade blankets with unique prints! Also on Facebook and  Pinterest can you find me?

Do you have questions? I'm happy to have you continue. Send me a message via the chat button on the webshop or via the Contact Form.

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