Who is Caro B Handmade?

Welcome to Caro B Handmade, the baby & children's webshop.

Unique, sustainable, handmade & Belgian.

With a passion for creativity and a heart for sustainability, I welcome you to Caro B Handmade - a vibrant Belgian label that offers unique, handmade products for babies, children, parents and even pets. My name is Caroline, and I am the proud founder of this adventurous brand that stands out for its authentic charm and craftsmanship.

From a mom for a mom.

As a mother and avid lover of craftwork, my journey with Caro B Handmade began from a deep-seated need to create something special and meaningful for my own family. What started as a passion project quickly grew into a thriving business, driven by my commitment to sustainability and my love for Belgian heritage.

Caro B Handmade is all about celebrating individuality and cherishing traditional crafts. Every piece that leaves our studio is infused with love and carefully crafted with attention to detail. We strive to create timeless designs that are not only beautiful, but also have a positive impact on our planet.

Functional baby accessories and environmentally friendly products.

My collection includes a wide range of products, ranging from cuddly soft blankets to playful clothing items and functional accessories for the whole family. Each item is proudly crafted with high-quality materials that are both child-friendly and environmentally friendly, giving parents peace of mind when enjoying our products.

But Caro B Handmade is more than just a brand; it is a community of like-minded individuals who value craftsmanship, creativity and sustainability. We strive to inspire and connect my customers through my unique creations and my shared pursuit of a greener, more beautiful world.

So whether you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one, a special piece for your little one, or just want to get a little inspiration, I would like to welcome you to Caro B Handmade - where Belgian pride and artisanal perfection come together.

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Enjoy reading!

Why Caro B Handmade?

Caro B Handmade is my own brand name that I started in 2011. The label originated from a passion for sewing and handmade items.

A hobby that gives me a lot of energy and that I like to share with other people. From carnival costumes, cocktail dresses to custom baby equipment, customization is my trademark.

Since a baby boom within our circle of friends in 2017, I was introduced to the wonderful world of baby supplies. Upon request, I was happy to sew baby sleeping bags adapted to the season or personalized bibs. It was the beginning of my own baby creations.

When I became a mother of my sweet daughter Amélie in 2018, I decided to make an entire baby set myself. A fully custom-made trousseau made from high-quality fabrics.

The demand for handmade baby items increased enormously from then on. People came to me through word of mouth. In the midst of the corona crisis, I decided to go one step further and make my dream come true. With a good business plan under my arm and the support of my husband Geert, I opened my own webshop 'Caro B Handmade' in July 2020.

You can find various articles in the webshop. From handmade items handmade by myself, such as the trendy dressing gown twinning with a playsuit or baby blankets to cuddly towels to trendy & sustainable brands, such as ball pool , bookcase or children's room accessories .

What can you expect from the Caro B Handmade webshop?

Caro B Handmade stands for 100% handmade products by Caroline Boogaerts. The label stands for quality and customization. For example, I look for exclusive prints for limited edition fabrics. Customers can choose a fabric and personalize their item via the webshop.

In addition to handmade and personalized baby items, you will also find other unique brands in the webshop . Everything is also packed and shipped with great care. You can also have a package delivered to someone's home (including message). Super handy, right?

Who is Caro B Handmade Handmade exclusive fabric merchandise baby blanket crib blanketBaby shop with exclusive fabrics - baby blanket - online birth list - Peter and Meter Boxes - Crib blanket

Baby shop with exclusive fabrics - baby blanket - online birth list - Peter and Meter Boxes - Crib blanketBaby shop with exclusive fabrics - baby blanket - online birth list - Peter and Meter Boxes - Crib blanket

Where can you find the Caro B Handmade Atelier?

Here is the address of my shop/studio in Merchtem:

Nieuwbaan 81
1785 Merchtem

If you have any questions about this, you can always contact me via contact form , via email: caroline@carobhandmade.be or via the chat function.

Caro B Handmade Baby blanket birth Baby shop Merchtem with embroidery and exclusive fabrics - crib blanket

FAQ: Frequently asked questions to Caro B Handmade.

1. What are the delivery times for personalized embroidered items?

Personalized items have an average processing time of 5 days if the item is in stock. If the item is not available in the store, delivery time may take up to 10 working days. In that case you will be informed by email. Handmade items, such as baby blankets, banynets or playsuits, have a processing time of 4-6 weeks, because they are made entirely by hand in my studio in Merchtem.

2. Do you also offer gift packaging for the embroidered maternity gifts?

Absolute! In the webshop you can select different options for the packaging, and you can also add a personal card to your order. Let me know what you would like written on the card and I will make sure it is included with your gift.

3. Can I have my own design embroidered on an item that I bring to the store?

Sure! Items that do not come from the webshop or store can also be embroidered. Feel free to bring your own design, and I'll be happy to help you bring it to life with embroidery.

4. What makes Caro B Handmade embroidered gifts unique and different from other personalized gift options?

The embroidered gifts from Caro B Handmade are distinguished by their unique personalization options and high-quality finish. Customers have the option to order personalized items without having to choose from a standard list of names. This gives an extra personal touch to the gifts. In addition, all items are embroidered with care and craftsmanship, making them not only functional, but also a lasting memory.

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