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A new year also means novelties. Since January - actually earlier, but I still had to practice :) - Caro B Handmade has specialized in machine embroidery.
I was often asked if I could embroider, so I took the step to be able to offer this on all Caro B Handmade articles.

Many people when they think of embroidery think of 'sewing' by hand on a piece of textile in a hoop provided for that purpose. I have done this a lot in the past in the form of cross stitch. However, I am limited with this method.

I would like to show you the steps I go through to have your personalized articles sent your way.

The design

The embroidery starts from my computer with a specific embroidery program. Here I can play with different modern and elegant fonts or drawings. I do this until I have achieved the desired design. When my design is ready, I can place it on the embroidery machine, which will then embroider it in turn.

Your chosen Caro B Handmade item must undergo several steps so that it can be personalized to a high standard. There are a few steps that precede this.

Stretching the fabric

We start by stretching the item. A magnetic ring keeps the item nice and tight and in position.

Strengthen the fabric

To strengthen the fabric, I work with 2 different types of reinforcement materials. One on the bottom of the fabric and the second on the front of the fabric. This ensures that I can offer the best embroidery results on the Caro B Handmade articles.

The embroidery machine

Once this is all done, I'll check everything again. Afterwards I load my created design into the embroidery machine and the design appears on the machine's screen. Here I set the correct position of the design in relation to the stretched fabric. Then it is the turn of the embroidery machine.

The finishing of the embroidery

After embroidering I remove the fabric from the hoop. I then first cut away the excess wire and then the reinforcement between the letters.

Nicely packaged

All Caro B Handmade items are always packed in beautiful colored boxes with a cotton bow. Every season I also change the color of the boxes. The gift packaging is free with all Caro B Handmade items from 2 pieces.

On the way to you

All Caro B Handmade items are made out of love. All orders are therefore sent safely. I always do this with the greatest care.

Did you know that the shipping boxes are recycled boxes? I "reuse" cardboard boxes for shipping, so that these boxes get a second life.

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