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Collection: Bear & Teddy Collection

Welcome to my new collection, the Bear & Teddy!

Dive into a world of cuteness and warmth with my carefully embroidered products, each decorated with a sweet teddy bear. This collection pays tribute to the charm of teddy bears and brings a touch of tenderness to your little one's everyday life.

Design personalization of the Bear & Teddy collection.

The Bear & Teddy Collection is all about personalization and individuality. Choose the color of the fabric and embroidery to create a unique piece that perfectly matches the personality of your child or baby. Additionally, I offer the option to add your little one's name, making each item a cherished memory.

Own design by Caroline from Caro Handmade.

Each piece in my collection is designed with love by myself, Caroline from Caro Handmade. Caroline's passion for craft creations and her eye for detail are clearly visible in each embroidered bear. With her expertise she brings the magic of teddy bears to life, giving our collection a timeless charm.

Would you like to gain Caro B Handmade inspiration? Then take a look at my social media. Every day I post ideas and examples of orders or customers to inspire you. Follow me on Instagram for all embroidered stories and handmade blankets with unique prints! Also on Facebook and  Pinterest can you find me?

Read the processing time for this below article and the washing instructions. Do you have any questions about it? article, the substances or the processing time? Send me a message via the chat button on the webshop or via the Contact Form.

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