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Personalized gifts

A personalized maternity gift is the most beautiful gift to give! Are you going for a gift with a name such as a guest bag or nameplate with birth details or are you shopping one of my beautiful personalized baby blankets? What is your favorite?

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    Ik ben toegewijd aan het leveren van hoogwaardige producten met een persoonlijke touch. Elk artikel wordt met de grootste zorg en aandacht voor detail gemaakt, zodat je altijd iets unieks en speciaals ontvangt.

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Collection: Bibs

A time for a tasteful break!

The time has come to enjoy a delicious meal! Quick, get out those handy bibs, because the appetite is high! Let your little one dine in a fashionable way with the unique products from Caro B Handmade.

Which bib do you choose?

Little ones are superstars at messing and smearing food. Sometimes this can be very annoying, but it is part of life. They like to explore food with their hands and coordination also needs to be further developed.

Where in the past you probably had a simple cotton bib around your neck while eating, nowadays you can find a wide range of bibs. From terry cloth bibs, bibs with sleeves to silicone bibs with a collection tray that can be put in the dishwasher. This way your mini can discover the world of food in peace.

The classic bib has remained, but the shape has been expanded to include cool bandana bibs or practical bibs with sleeves. There are also waterproof bibs, useful not only for eating but also for painting or crafting.

For the real messy kings and queens, there are also silicone bibs with a handy collection tray. This ensures that the food does not end up on the pants or the floor. You can also clean this in the dishwasher for a perfectly clean result.

Personalize your bib with embroidery by Caro B Handmade.

Discover the most beautiful personalized bibs, soft tetra cloths and trendy bandanas here! Give a personal touch to your favorite bib by having your child's name embroidered. Select from various fonts and color options.

Do you have a specific design in mind or can't find what you're looking for? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are ready to think along with you and fulfill your wishes!

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