Maternity week: the ultimate must-have for moms: the dressing gown with playsuit.

Dressing gown or kimono with matching playsuit, comfortable clothing during the maternity week in the hospital.

Are you looking for one? comfortable and beautiful dressing gown for the hospital? The Caro B Handmade dressing gown is completely handmade in a soft jersey fabric. This is a very soft and pleasant fabric , like a t-shirt fabric, but slightly thicker and the fabric therefore stretches nicely . The 3/4 sleeves are slightly wider at the bottom and therefore make it extra comfortable. The dressing gown has a kimono style.

You can find my dressing gown with a power play suit for the maternity week on Libelle Mama.

The perfect outfit for newborns - a dressing gown with a matching romper suit.

This robe and romper are both handmade from the highest quality fabrics to ensure your little one feels comfortable and looks adorable at the same time. But not just the baby, also the mom. The dressing gown is designed with a spacious cut and wide sleeves and soft, warm fabrics to protect your baby from the cold. The dressing gown is easy to close and open thanks to a wide belt, so you can quickly and easily change clothes, for example for breastfeeding.

The matching playsuit is designed with the same fabrics and colors as the dressing gown. It has easy snaps on the front, which makes changing diapers even easier.

The dressing gown and playsuit set is perfect for your baby's first days in maternity as well as at home. Not only is it functional and comfortable, but it also looks beautiful. It makes a great gift for new parents or for your own little one. Ideal moment to twin with your baby.

Order this dressing gown with matching playsuit now and give your little one the best gift for his or her birth. At Caro b Handmade I guarantee the highest quality and the best service.

Twinning with baby - maternity week - Dressing gown for birth with playsuit - playsuit - Caro B Handmade (13)

Maternity week, the most beautiful week with your newborn baby and ideal for twinning.

Breastfeeding and the dressing gown/kimono.

Are you breastfeeding? Then this dressing gown is absolutely ideal. You close the dressing gown with a wide belt made from the same fabric as the dressing gown. The shorter sleeves (3/4) are also ideal so that they do not get in your way while feeding.

Twinning with baby - maternity week - Dressing gown for birth with playsuit - playsuit - Caro B Handmade (13)

Matching playsuit.

The dressing gown is a real must-have for the hospital, but also when you get home. You can combine the dressing gown with a matching playsuit so that you can take super nice photos with your baby.

Twinning with baby - maternity week - Dressing gown for birth with playsuit - playsuit - Caro B Handmade (13)

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Kraamweek: De ultieme musthave voor de mama: Kamerjas - Handgemaakt - Caro B Handmade
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