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Personalized gifts

A personalized maternity gift is the most beautiful gift to give! Are you going for a gift with a name such as a guest bag or nameplate with birth details or are you shopping one of my beautiful personalized baby blankets? What is your favorite?

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  • Kwaliteitsvolle & Persoonlijkeservice.

    Ik ben toegewijd aan het leveren van hoogwaardige producten met een persoonlijke touch. Elk artikel wordt met de grootste zorg en aandacht voor detail gemaakt, zodat je altijd iets unieks en speciaals ontvangt.

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    Ik begrijp hoe belangrijk het is om je bestelling snel te ontvangen. Daarom streef ik ernaar om je bestelling binnen 5-7 werkdagen te verzenden.
    Heb je haast? Spoedbestellingen zijn ook mogelijk! NVT op handgemaakte artikelen.

  • Online webshop & fysieke winkel.

    Naast mijn online webshop kun je ook een bezoek brengen aan mijn fysieke winkel in Peizegem. Hier kun je de producten in het echt bekijken en persoonlijk advies krijgen.

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Collection: En route

A day away with friends or a long holiday with your baby soon?

On the road with your baby? What do you need? A day or more away is the perfect time to enjoy your baby and your family. Going out with your baby is easier thought than done. The first question you ask yourself: "Do I have everything with me?" Diapers, baby wipes, pacifier and pacifier cord, hydrophilic cloth, spare clothes, bib, cuddle cloth, ... You need a lot of care items to go out comfortably with your baby.

A nursery bag is the gadget in your baby set.

A nursery bag is therefore a must-have in your baby set. With this diaper bag you have everything you need for your baby. The large zipper closes the large compartment well so that everything really stays in the bag. There is also a small compartment for the pacifier or cuddle cloth.

Discover these beautiful diaper bags, where practical and stylish come together. The bags are cleverly designed with handy pockets for nappies, bottles and all the baby essentials you need to keep your little one happy and comfortable. But that is not everything! They're also designed to match your outfits seamlessly, so you always look fashionable, even when you're on the go. View the entire collection now and experience the perfect combination of functionality and elegance.

Preparation before you leave.

With good preparation you can easily make a day trip a success. I always try to have Louis' bag ready the night before when we go out with friends for the day. So that we no longer have to think about everything on the day itself because you always forget something.

Gift with name.

Are you looking for a fun, unique and special name gift? Carobhandmade.be has a range of gifts with embroidered names for children from 0 to 10 years old. A small selection from my collection: cuddly toys with names, embroidered baby blankets, mom sweaters, teddy backpacks, backpacks, everything from Jollein and BIBS and many more products designed in my own studio.

Embroidered maternity gift.

If you are looking for the ideal maternity gift, choose an embroidered item, from baby blanket to teddy backpack, all items in the webshop can be embroidered. Choose warm, soft and nice to look at. In terms of color, it is best to choose warm, soft colors. Especially if you want the baby to relax. Brighter colors are fun for playtime.

A maternity gift with products that are useful for care is always useful. If you have the baby's name embroidered on it, you will receive a very personal gift that will be used often.

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