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Personalized gifts

A personalized maternity gift is the most beautiful gift to give! Are you going for a gift with a name such as a guest bag or nameplate with birth details or are you shopping one of my beautiful personalized baby blankets? What is your favorite?

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  • Kwaliteitsvolle & Persoonlijkeservice.

    Ik ben toegewijd aan het leveren van hoogwaardige producten met een persoonlijke touch. Elk artikel wordt met de grootste zorg en aandacht voor detail gemaakt, zodat je altijd iets unieks en speciaals ontvangt.

  • Snelle levering.

    Ik begrijp hoe belangrijk het is om je bestelling snel te ontvangen. Daarom streef ik ernaar om je bestelling binnen 5-7 werkdagen te verzenden.
    Heb je haast? Spoedbestellingen zijn ook mogelijk! NVT op handgemaakte artikelen.

  • Online webshop & fysieke winkel.

    Naast mijn online webshop kun je ook een bezoek brengen aan mijn fysieke winkel in Peizegem. Hier kun je de producten in het echt bekijken en persoonlijk advies krijgen.

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Collection: Happy Horse

Happy Horse, super soft cuddly toys.

Happy Horse is the designer of soft, quirky cuddly toys. The cuddly toys each differ from their peers in terms of colour, character and appearance. With a great sense of humor and trends in colours, materials and designs, the Happy Horse design team always manages to strike a different chord. The cuddly toys with matching items entice a smile or a chuckle every time. In addition to originality, Happy Horse attaches great importance to safety. All products from the Happy Horse collection meet the highest European safety standards and carry the CE mark.

Happy Horse, a cuddly quality for 60 years!

The story of Happy Horse begins in 1963, when David Schnitzler founded the company Schnitzler Brothers Agencies together with his older brother. A true pioneer in the field of cuddly toys and toys! In 2005, the company underwent a name change from DH Schnitzler BV to Happy Horse BV, after which management was taken over by the talented Desiree van Doremalen in 2008. With a renewed design team and an abundance of sparkling ideas, Happy Horse is ready to conquer Europe and the rest of the world!

Happy Horse has been known for the high quality of cuddly toys for more than 60 years. For generations, children around the world have felt safe and loved with Happy Horse's fluffy friends. Each design is made with care and passion, with the aim of providing the ultimate cuddling experience.

Whether it concerns cute cuddly bunnies, cheerful bears, or playful monkeys, every Happy Horse creation radiates warmth and security. With an eye for detail and an unparalleled sense of style and trends, Happy Horse knows how to surprise time and time again with unique and enchanting designs.

From the children's rooms to the hearts of parents around the world, Happy Horse has become synonymous with quality and trust.

Order a maternity gift with an embroidered name, personalized gifts for everyone.

I would be happy to help you choose a personal gift. You want to surprise someone, and surprising is in my DNA. I would be happy to help you in your search for the perfect, personal gift. I have various personal gifts in the range and many of these are also available in different sizes and various colors. So there is literally something for everyone. You will find a personalized gift for every occasion at Caro B Handmade. You can customize or design the item yourself according to your wishes. A gift for him or her, for man or woman, for baby or child.

Are you looking for a personal gift? You will certainly find that at Caro B Handmade! Even if you want to send it directly to the birthday boy or girl, I will be happy to help you. You can have the maternity gift wrapped as a unique gift and of course you can include a card with your order on which I note your wishes for the recipient. I offer this card as a service, at no extra cost.

Maternity gift, a unique & embroidered gift.

The birth of a baby is special and very magical. New life, it remains beautiful. Naturally you want to give the new parents a nice maternity gift. Research has shown that a personalized & embroidered gift is always well received. So you've come to the right place at Caro B Handmade! For every price category you can find a personal gift or maternity gift for the maternity family, all with the baby's name in embroidery. Each gift is unique because I embroider a name on it, in a color and font of your choice.

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