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Collection: BIBS Pacifiers

BIBS: safe pacifiers and baby products.

The Danish brand BIBS was founded in 1978, so you may know the classic round BIBS teats from your youth. BIBS has been focusing on producing ergonomic teats of high and reliable quality for many years, which is especially evident in their Color teat, which has been on the market for more than 40 years. Pacifiers and baby products produced in Denmark.

You can combine the BIBS tutjes with these items:

  • Bibs
  • Cotton bibs
  • Cuddle cloth
  • Hydrophilic cloths

Are you interested in BIBS? Or are you a fan of BIBS pacifiers and would you like to discover the rest of their products? You will find their beautiful products here at Caro B Handmade.

View all BIBS pacifiers.

The BIBS brand has been known for its high quality and durability for several generations, and BIBS teats have naturally followed this development. The brand has therefore come up with more popular models, such as:

  • BIBS Colour
  • BIBS Boheme

The pacifiers are available in more than 60 colors, and you can find part of the selection here online at Caro B Handmade or in Caro B Atelier in Peizegem.

Finding your favorite teats is very personal, so you can choose anything from round teats to symmetrical teats, as well as natural rubber/latex or silicone material.

In addition to the large selection at Caro B Handmade, you are also assured of high quality.

We guarantee that all our teats are 100 percent BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free, and comply with the EU standard EN-1400 - this of course also applies to BIBS teats. It is not without reason that Caro B Handmade is the leading Danish supplier of original teats from recognized and recognized sellers. So feel free to explore my selection.

BIBS Colour

The Color model is the classic round teat made of 100 percent natural rubber. This is the pacifier that most adults call a "real pacifier" - perhaps because we associate it with our own childhood.

The shield of this model is curved outwards to ensure safe air circulation around the mouth, which in turn helps reduce irritation to the child's skin.

BIBS Boheme

The BIBS Boheme gives you a pacifier with a modern twist. You get an organic design in beautiful colors, which fits perfectly with many other baby products on the market.

The teat itself is designed to resemble the mother's nipple, allowing the child to use the same sucking technique as when breastfeeding. Simply put, the child exercises his or her tongue and jaw, which is why this pacifier has been approved by midwives as the perfect pacifier for breastfeeding.

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