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Collection: Sweaters and sweaters

A personalized mom sweater, an original gift for your metie or mom or for yourself

Would you like to put someone in the spotlight or is your mother or godmother having a birthday soon? Choose an original sweater especially for a mom, girlfriend, grandma or just for yourself!

Would you like to ask the godmother of your future baby soon? How about this sweater as a gift? Personalize the sweater with "Metie" and you have a unique & original sweater.

Mom sweater made by Caro B Handmade

The embroidery is designed and made by Caro B Handmade for all beloved moms, dogmoms, mothers or godmothers. This sweetly embroidered sweater features a mom text with the name of the child(ren). A wonderfully personal garment to wear proudly, with a comfortable unisex fit. This sweater is embroidered with a professional embroidery machine with 15 needles. If you would like to see how the sweaters are embroidered, be sure to follow me on Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook!

Order a maternity gift with an embroidered name, personalized gifts for everyone.

I would be happy to help you choose a personal gift. You want to surprise someone, and surprising is in my DNA. I would be happy to help you in your search for the perfect, personal gift. I have various personal gifts in the range and many of these are also available in different sizes and various colors. So there is literally something for everyone. You will find a personalized gift for every occasion at Caro B Handmade. You can customize or design the item yourself according to your wishes. A gift for him or her, for man or woman, for baby or child.

Are you looking for a personal gift? You will certainly find that at Caro B Handmade! Even if you want to send it directly to the birthday boy or girl, I will be happy to help you. You can have the maternity gift wrapped as a unique gift and of course you can include a card with your order on which I note your wishes for the recipient. I offer this card as a service, at no extra cost.

Maternity gift, a unique & embroidered gift.

The birth of a baby is special and very magical. New life, it remains beautiful. Naturally you want to give the new parents a nice maternity gift. Research has shown that a personalized & embroidered gift is always well received. So you've come to the right place at Caro B Handmade! For every price category you can find a personal gift or maternity gift for the maternity family, all with the baby's name in embroidery. Each gift is unique because I embroider a name on it, in a color and font of your choice.

Gift with name.

Are you looking for a fun, unique and special name gift? has a range of gifts with embroidered names for children from 0 to 10 years old. A small selection from my collection: cuddly toys with names, embroidered baby blankets, mom sweaters, teddy backpacks, backpacks, everything from Jollein and BIBS and many more products designed in my own studio.

Embroidered maternity gift.

If you are looking for the ideal maternity gift, choose an embroidered item, from baby blanket to teddy backpack, all items in the webshop can be embroidered. Choose warm, soft and nice to look at. In terms of color, it is best to choose warm, soft colors. Especially if you want the baby to relax. Brighter colors are fun for playtime.

A maternity gift with products that are useful for care is always useful. If you have the baby's name embroidered on it, you will receive a very personal gift that will be used often.

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