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Back to school, get off to a flying start!

It's that time of year again when even the youngest among us return to school. As a parent, you naturally want to ensure that everything is properly arranged. This can sometimes be a challenge, especially when it comes to preschoolers and toddlers. Whether you want your couple's child to start the new school year fully prepared, or you want to spoil your own little one with fun school supplies, we have the best gift inspiration and supplies for a successful start to the school year!

Back to school! The ideal backpack.

An essential part of your child's equipment for school is of course a backpack. With us you have an abundance of choices to choose from. We offer simple children's backpacks with a striped pattern in different colors, which gives them a soothing look. We also have many creative models, such as a backpack with cute bear ears, which immediately give a playful look.

When looking for a suitable children's backpack as a maternity gift or for your own child, it is important to choose a model that is age appropriate. Thanks to our webshop as a physical store, this search becomes a lot easier. Quickly discover what options there are for preschoolers and toddlers! All backpacks are also available in our store in Peizegem/Merchtem.

Backpacks for Toddlers:

Small and cute, a toddler backpack differs slightly from a backpack for older children. In this case, it is especially important that you choose a backpack with nice colors and a creative design. For example, consider a toddler backpack with bear ears at the top, or an extra soft backpack with nice leather straps to secure everything safely. With us you will always find what you are looking for during your search for a nice backpack for your own toddler or as a gift for another child.

Backpacks for toddlers:

We also have an extensive range of backpacks for toddlers. Older children often need a backpack with more storage space, but that doesn't mean the design has to be boring.

Maybe your preschooler prefers a simpler backpack? We have simple models in different colors without too much fuss. You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for for every age, preference and for both boys and girls.

Overnight bag sports bags:

The sports bag is the perfect companion for every school sports enthusiast. Whether you're an avid football player, a passionate dancer or an active athlete, this bag offers all the space and functionality you need to keep your sports equipment safe and organized.

High visibility vest with your name:

Get your child ready for a safe and exciting new school year with our high-quality fluorescent vest. This essential accessory ensures that your child is always clearly visible, both on the way to school and during school activities. With its comfortable fit and striking color, our fluorescent vest is the ideal choice for parents who put the safety of their children first.

Cotton gymnastics bag with your name:

Stylish and Personal for the New School Year! Get ready for the new school year with this trendy and personalized gym bag with name. This versatile and practical bag is the perfect companion for young adventurers who enthusiastically dive into their school day.

Swim bag with your name:

Swim Bag with Name for the Start of School. Introduce a touch of style and personalization at the start of the new school year with this nylon name swim bag. This high-quality swim bag is specially designed to help children organize their swimming equipment and ensure they stand out from the crowd. With the addition of their name on the bag, it also becomes a unique and personal accessory that is sure to impress their fellow students.

Scarf or snood with name:

This versatile accessory is specially designed to keep you warm during cooler mornings as you head to school in style. Our snood is made from high-quality materials that feel soft on your skin and provide ultimate comfort.

With us you will discover the most fantastic back-to-school surprises for 2023! The start of a new school year marks an important moment in the life of your child or that of a parent friend. We provide everything you need to make that very first day extremely enjoyable and unforgettable.

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